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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why Insurance Agents Should Go To LeadsCon

Twice a year the who's who of the lead industry meet for a conference called Leads Con. The first conference is held in Las Vegas in the Spring and the second takes place in the summer in New York City. Keep in mind, these conferences are geared for lead companies as well as other marketing organizations, but insurance agents and agencies can benefit greatly from attending one of these seminars.

So why should an insurance agent spend the money and take the time to attend LeadsCon?

First, there are several of the top insurance lead companies that have booths in the Expo Hall. Here you will be able to communicate with sales reps as well as a few executives. Try to go to exhibits of companies you have purchased leads from as well as ones you are unfamiliar with. When you visit the booths, carry with you a pen and pad to take notes. Introduce yourself and ask them all the questions that have been on your mind for which you have never received answers to. They will be more inclined to speak transparently about the details of their business in this environment. Inquire about special offers they will be running in the future as well as price changes that may affect your business. Dig deep and do not be afraid to ask tough questions.

Second, look for new marketing opportunities within the conference. There is a plethora of small to medium sized lead companies looking for new business. It would be beneficial to stop by some of these smaller booths to see what they have to offer. You might be surprised by some of the new innovative technology that is out there. Types of companies range from lead management systems to email marketing to direct mail. If nothing else LeadsCon will open your eyes to all sorts of new possibilities in insurance lead generation.

Third, there will be great informative executives speaking at LeadsCon. In the past, there have been CEO's from top insurance lead companies as well as executives from other types of lead corporations. These speakers are great! It is by far the best part of the conference, in my opinion. It is good to hear from companies in other areas of lead generation besides insurance. Sometimes you learn of marketing ideas that may not have been tried for insurance lead generation. Listen closely to all the speakers and you might just learn a thing or too.

Last, attend LeadsCon to give yourself piece of mind when you decide to use a certain lead gen company. You can meet with companies, put faces to names, and eliminate the unknown aspect about buying leads from a company. It is one thing to read over a lead gen company's website or speak with a sales rep over the phone, but it is a totally different feeling when you can sit down with a company and go over everything at length.

I suggest that you try to set up branch off meetings with a few of the insurance lead companies that you are interested in doing business with. You could meet for lunch or simply pull a sales rep aside to ask questions.

Pricing for these conference can get a little expensive (anywhere form $695 - $1,195 depending on when you sign up), but if you are in need of a lead generation company it is well worth your money. Plus, you can tally the expenses up to your insurance business for tax purposes.

Helpful info: If you are currently buying leads from a company that will be attending LeadsCon, ask about Exhibitor Invitee Program. Sometimes these companies can get discounts for their clients and prospects.

Also, if you currently work for an insurance company, ask your superior directly to see if they will pay for your trip. I have heard of companies doing this before.

2014 Leads Con Exhibitor List

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