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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Real Example of How To Get Endless Free Insurance Leads

It seems that for insurance agents the New Year can go in two different directions, either fast out the gates or lagging behind. You do not want to be the agent twiddling their thumbs at the beginning of the year waiting for clients to call you. If your current marketing budget is limited, but you still need to find a source of insurance leads then you might consider the Endless Free Lead system from Leads To Insure.

Most agents are familiar with insurance lead companies offering a one time bonus for new agents, but this is only beneficial for the first few leads. Some of these companies even force you to commit to buying a certain number of leads in order to receive the up-front bonus. This is not the case with the Endless Free Lead system. Agents who sign up with Leads To Insure will be given the option of paying for their leads as they come in or funding their account and receiving  a 20% bonus each time.

Let's break down the numbers and compare up-front bonuses to the Endless Free Lead plan.

Let's assume you are buying life insurance leads at $15 per lead. (Note: As of January 22, 2014 this is the price for a life insurance lead with Leads To Insure.)

Lead Company X offers 15 free leads if you agree to buy $200 worth of leads in the first month. Leads To Insure offers a 20% bonus on any deposit amount, for an unlimited amount of times, with no commitment.

So, at $15 per lead with Lead Company X you will get $225 worth of free leads. Then you must continue to buy insurance leads until you have spent $200 worth of leads in one month.

This means you get 28.3 leads for $200 or $7.06 per lead. This is pretty good if you only need 28 leads, but most agents need a constant stream of leads. Lets say you continue to use them for another 11 months buying $200 in leads each month. By the end of that year you will have received 174.96 leads and spent a total $2,400 for those leads. This comes out to $13.75 per life insurance lead.

Now lets compare that to Leads To Insure.

Lets also say you also spend $200 for insurance leads each month for 12 months with Leads To Insure. The leads cost is also $15. Each time you add money to your account you will be given a 20% bonus. Each month you will receive a $40 bonus and by the end of the 1st year you will have received a total of $480 in bonuses.

For the same $2,400 you get 192 leads after 12 months. This figures to be $12.79 per lead.

The bottom line

1. You will get $255 more in one year with Leads To Insure than you will get with Lead Company X.

2. You will get 17 more leads in one year with Leads To Insure than you will get with Lead Company X.

3. You have no commitment with Leads To Insure unlike Lead Company X who requires you to buy a certain amount of leads.

The goal of the Endless Free Lead program is to reward insurance agents and agencies who are loyal. If you are only looking to get some quick free leads then this is not the company for you. If, however, you desire a company that will continue to reward you for using their service than Leads To Insure is a good fit.

The longer you stay with Leads To Insure the better the Endless Free Lead system becomes.

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