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Thursday, January 16, 2014

How Insurance Agents Should Spend Their Tax Return

Believe it or not tax season is here. In fact, I am already seeing H&R Block TV ads everyday. I hope every one's balance sheet has treated them well and that everyone is due for a big refund. I sure hope I am.

Before you get your heart set on buying that big screen consider what that tax return could do for your insurance business. Here are some great ideas to better use those refunds.

1. Maintenance Your Vehicle

If you use your vehicle on a daily basis to get to and from sales meetings than you know your vehicle can experience some harsh wear and tear; door dings, cracked windshield, worn breaks just to name a few. This important piece of an insurance agents business can often get overlooked.

Depending on the state of your vehicle and the amount your receive back from taxes, you should look into investing in your vehicles maintenance. Look into fixing mechanical issues as well as cosmetic damage sustained throughout the year.

Consider the following before sending your car to the shop:

  1. Brakes
  2. Oil
  3. Anti-freeze/Coolant
  4. Door dings/scrapes
  5. Cracked windows
  6. Steering alignment
  7. Cleanliness of your vehicle

The cleanliness of your vehicle is very important. You do not want clients to see you driving around in a car covered in grease and grime. 

Also, I give you permission to buy a new car if your car is falling apart.

2. New Suits / Work clothes

If you are honest with yourself, you will probably admit to needing a wardrobe upgrade. During the year there is not much time for an insurance agent to think about shopping for new clothes. As an business man or woman your appearance is important. People feel more comfortable doing business with someone who looks the part.
Whether you buy a new suit or just some new dress slacks/skirts or dress shirts, your tax return money could go to good use by investing in a new wardrobe. 

Guy Hint: Take you spouse or significant other.

3. Give Your Office A Makeover

Once again this is something that often gets overlooked by insurance agents. I realize that some captive agents are limited to what their home office will allow, but there are still things that can be done to enhance the appearance of the office.

First decide what, in your office, needs updated the most. Here are some items in your office to consider updating if needed.
  1. Computer or Software
  2. Desks
  3. Chairs - This one can be important for you and your staff. It is not always about comfort. Make sure the chair is good for the spine. Countless hours are logged in these office chairs so they must be high quality.
  4. Carpet
  5. Wall color - painting the walls or installing new carpet can make your office look brand new.
  6. Fresh plants- it is always a good idea to have fresh oxygen floating around the office. They look nice too.
  7. Sign - check with your back office, but a new sign can call attention to your office.
  8. Music - this is optional and I realize it is not for everyone, but if your office is lacking excitement music can lift the spirits like none other.
4. New Website

I spoke a little about websites in a past blog, New Years Resolutions for Insurance Agents, but believe it is important to address here. If you do not have a website or if your website is out-of-date is important to get a website or update your current one. Your tax return could be a perfect solution if you are needing funds to accomplish this.

Some insurance agent's websites are managed by their home office which is great. That saves them money. For those of you who have to handle this task on your own it might be worth spending some money on allowing a professional to update your site. This way you know your funds are going to good use. These professional web masters will know how to make changes to your site to make it more visible on search engines. If a potential client Google's your name you want your website to be the first to pop up. 

5. Charity

Not much to say hear except charity goes a long way in the community. Whatever you do, don't give to charity for the publicity. Do it out of the kindness of your own heart. People will realize what you have done without you bragging about it.

6. Try A New Marketing Method

If you know of a certain marketing method that you have been wanting to try, but have not had the extra cash to try it, now is you chance. When you get your return use it to put money towards a new marketing system. If I had to recommend one, I would say online insurance leads. I know some of you are saying "I've tried those already." Well in my opinion, online insurance leads are going to make a comeback this year. 

There are awesome new services out their that are helping increase the quality of Internet driven insurance leads. 

We hope that you give us a chance to earn your insurance lead business.

7. Take A Vacation

Trust me...your an insurance agent... you've earned it! Take the wife and kids somewhere special. There are a lot of great deals during the winter months. Maybe somewhere warm?

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