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Sunday, December 8, 2013

You Should Be Spending Less For Auto Insurance Leads

When it comes to auto insurance leads there are plenty of options for insurance agents. However, it seems as though exclusive quality insurance leads are at a premium causing prices to be elevated. For the average agent, these leads and their price might seem worth it. Especially they if had gone thru bad lead after bad lead with multiple companies. We want to tell you that you do not have to pay these inflated prices to get a high quality lead.

We have found, after doing research on competitors lead generation methods, that they could actually be selling the leads (shared and exclusive) at a lower price. We believe the reason that the prices are elevated is because of the recent mergers within the insurance lead industry.

Several of the big companies have combined and a few are even publicly traded. This causes added pressure on the executives to perform for the stockholders. There is nothing wrong with this style of company, but it does not bare well for the individual insurance agents wanting good leads at an affordable price.

We can assure you that prices for an exclusive or shared auto insurance lead with Leads To Insure will be significantly less than competitors. We have not come up with some magical new way of generating leads and we are not generating leads that are of poor quality. We simply are not charging as much as some of the big insurance lead companies.

This can be beneficial for both the agents and us. The agents can keep receiving the same lead at a reduced rate and we can keep agents causing our revenue to climb.

Why would you pay a higher price for the same quality of lead? Answer is you wouldn't.

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