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Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Insurance Lead Industry in 2014

It has been one year since our company, Leads To Insure, broke into the insurance lead sector. We have learned a lot in 2013 and are excited for the year to come.  We have big plans for 2014 starting with the rollout of our updated website early in the year. The insurance lead industry is changing and agents should be informed of all that is going on. In fact, Leads To Insure is making several changes this year that will greatly benefit our agents.

Insurance agents using our service should look forward to a larger volume of leads as well as a higher quality of lead. We will soon be using a new ping/post system in order to handle a high volume of leads. With this new lead generation system we will also be using LeadID. This will guarantee our agents a better quality of lead. We hope with that these changes will help push the insurance lead industry to higher standards. There are several companies who had been using fraudulent lead gen tactics that have begun to use better practices. 

I would encourage the skeptical agents out there to make a New Years resolution in 2014 to at least give online insurance leads another try. Of course we would like all agents to use Leads To Insure, but even if you do not use our company we still want to see agents using some online insurance lead company. 

This year should bring the return of the quality insurance lead. The turnaround started last year. We entered the industry in early 2013 and quickly realized that lead verification was going to be a must for doing business. We did not implement this initially because we simply did not realize this type of service was out there. It is now a requirement of many companies, including ours, to incorporate lead verification (LeadID, Trusted Form, etc.) on lead forms to be able to be an affiliate or sell leads to agents.

There are also several changes to federal laws that have required insurance lead companies to make changes to their lead generation forms. For instance, all forms where a lead is generated on a website, such as a life insurance quote form, are now required by law to provide certain information in plain view.

The information that must be included on the lead capture page includes a link to the companies privacy policy, terms of use, and the companies who receive the lead data. The verbiage on the page must specify to the web visitor how many companies will receive the data and if those companies will use auto-dialers, text messages or email to communicate with them.

While some lead aggregators have found these changes to be problematic, we are embracing them. The more transparent the industry becomes the better.

The internet insurance lead industry is on its way back and insurance agent should take note. It reminds us of when companies like All Web Leads and broke onto the scene back in the early 2000s. At that time there was a lot of  industry wide fraud going on. These two companies came along with better leads generated from search engine advertising. Unfortunately, the pressure that came after big mergers and acquisitions of some of these lead companies, detailed in our blog "Insurance Lead Generation - Behind The Scenes", caused the quality of leads to once again drop. Now these same companies are reverting back to original lead generation methods.

Insurance agents will see a higher quality of lead in 2014 due to new lead verification systems. The spam and scam lead companies will start to fall off leaving the good ones. It is important that agents continue to demand better leads. It is because of insurance agents all over the US that the industry had gotten back to a better state. We are really excited about where the industry is going and are so glad that we can be a part of it.

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