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Friday, December 6, 2013

The IMO that is best for life insurance?

So you are looking for a good IMO to help you sell life insurance. A good IMO is crucial for independent life insurance agents to succeed. You want your IMO to have a good standing with all of the top life insurance companies. Avoid the IMO's that want you to sell business thru just a few companies, especially if those companies have ratings of B+ or lower. Also, make sure that the IMO you choose can help you with contracting, commissions, and continuing education with all of the life insurance companies. Trust me, this can be a headache trying to stay on top of this by yourself. We have been affiliated with several IMO's in the past, but there is one that we thought stood out over the others.

ECA Marketing ( is one of the biggest and best life insurance/annuity marketing companies in the US. They have a network of around 15,000 agents nationwide and they have great relations with all of the top life insurance companies in the US.
There contracting office is better than any other IMO. Why you ask? They handle any issues that arise with any company regarding your license or continuing ed. They will send your E&O insurance receipt to all of the companies you are licensed with. They will do the same for your state renewal license and continuing ed. receipts. If there is something that needs to be done they will stay on task until it gets completed.

Another reason we love ECA is there product knowledge. The service reps at their office know the insurance products better than anybody. Sometimes I think they know the products better than the life insurance companies do. They can provide agents with quick quotes for all types of life insurance. They also offer an online term quote tool as well as several online term applications with certain life insurance companies.

ECA will treat their agents with class and they will stick up for you when it counts. Their meetings around the country (Las Vegas, Scottsdale, etc.) are very informative and you can meet other agents who can help you learn more about the industry and what is working.

Marketing can play a big part in the success or failure of a life insurance agent. With ECA you will have a large amount of marketing techniques right at your fingertips. They have good relationships with several direct mail companies (some discounts) as well as alternative lead generation companies.

For a good IMO we recommend using ECA Marketing. They can help you succeed in your life insurance business by providing you with access to the best products from the top companies. There contracting office will help you get licensed and will stay on top of your continuing education, keeping you informed. There knowledge of insurance products is second to none. If you are already an agent of ours, receiving insurance leads, we can introduce you to a rep at ECA. Call us for details.

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