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Saturday, December 14, 2013

LeadID Is Bringing the Word "Trust" Back To The Insurance Lead Industry

LeadID is an online lead verification company that uses their software to allow lead buyers and sellers to operate with each other in a "trusted environment". In years past, the insurance lead industry has become one of frequent fraud and misconception. Insurance leads were being oversold and many duplicates were passing thru to insurance agents everyday. Companies working with LeadID are seeing this trend reverse in a positive way.

Insurance agents, and their satisfaction, is the main reason lead companies are beginning to use LeadID or some form of this software. Basically it puts a time stamp and identification number on each lead that is generated by a company. This "id" is passed to the aggregator if and only if the id is unique. No more bogus leads. This application even does away with the duplicate leads obtained by a consumer filling out forms on multiple sites. If you are buying leads from companies that use LeadID you can be assured this problem will not happen.

There are other companies, besides LeadID, that have created lead identification systems. Trusted Form is another. It works the same way. The lead is generated and comes with an identification token to prove its legitimacy. You can even use Trusted Form's own lead capture form and white page to streamline the process.

This seems to be the way that the industry is shifting. Most large aggregators will now not even work with affiliates that are not using LeadID. The bad affiliates will hopefully be weeded out leaving only transparent, quality affiliates.

The only problem we have with the different lead verification companies is that there are different lead verification companies. Each aggregator uses their own ID company. While many are using LeadID, some use others such as Trusted Form. This causes issues with lead affiliates being able to send leads thru correctly. If this issued gets worked out, there should be no problems.

Insurance agents that we talk to love that the industry is starting fresh. In fact, most feel that online insurance leads are the cheapest rout to go for marketing, but the recent fraud in the industry had turned them away. Hopefully, with the collaboration of better lead verifiers and lead aggregators, the insurance lead industry will get back to a state of "trust" with the agents.

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