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Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Insurance Clients

We love Christmas here in our office and wanted to take some time out from discussing the usual insurance topics to give insurance agents some advice when it comes to Christmas gifts for their clients.

It is important to know that you do not have to get a gift for every one of your clients. You might want send all of your clients a Christmas/Holiday card and then choose a few of your clients to send a gift too. We gathered several great ideas from our agents and wanted to share them.

Try to stay away from generic gifts such as a box of candy or cookies. Don't get me wrong, everyone loves candy and cookies, but you can send them in a unique way making your gift stand out. They will remember this and it is good anytime a customer remembers you.

One example of a great gift idea for you clients are Holiday Ornament Treat Sets. Cheryl' sells these gifts during the holidays. They are metal ornaments filled with your choice of fudge, cookies, or pretzels.

Another good Christamas present we came across was a Custom Logo Chocolate Bar. The bar is engraved with your artwork. This could be your logo or even a picture and phrase you want displayed. sells these on their website. It is easy to upload your artwork and they can have your custom bar done in a timely fashion. It even comes with a hammer for breaking up the bar. Pretty cool. This was one of our favorites.

Another gift idea, which you might already know about, are Christmas Pears. These have become especially popular around the holidays. The pears from are awesome. Some of the best pears we have ever had. No lie.

We hope these ideas helped you. Most of these gifts can be purchased for under $30 so you should be able to get gifts for a number of your special clients. 

It is important to keep your clients interested all year around and unique Christmas gifts can be a good way of making sure that happens. Go for gifts that are different but tasteful. You do not want your clients thinking you are a little off your rocker. Merry Christmas!

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