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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Agents Take Advantage of Insurance Lead Discounts During the Holidays

Thanksgiving till the New Year, insurance lead companies are trying to drum up business with deep discounts on prices. This is the slow period for lead companies and their sales in the last quarter are typically down. This is when you, the agent, should take advantage of buying insurance leads.

During the holidays many agents take extended breaks. This is why insurance lead companies have a hard time making sales during this period. However, the volume of leads go up during this season due to the fact most people are at home and have time to get on their computer. Knowing this fact, why would you not want to buy during this time.

Some arguments for and against buying leads during the holidays

Excuse: The prospect will not answer the phone because they are busy during Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Reality: This happens occasionally with insurance leads no matter what the season. Agents will need to learn how to overcome this to be successful. Also, just because the person does not answer right away doesn't mean they wont answer after the New Year.

Excuse: The prospect will not want to meet until after the New Year.

Reality: So what. You most likely don't want to be having meeting during the holidays either. Set appointments up on your calender for after the first of the year. This is a great way to kick start your new year.

Excuse: I wont have time to work all of the leads due to holiday events.

Reality: If you are really, truly swamped with events and gatherings then do not buy leads during the holidays. However, the reality is you will have time to call and manage your leads if you make time. Remember, while other agents are letting these leads go, you could be cleaning up.

If you are serious about ending the year strong or even starting the next year off with a full pipeline, then buy insurance leads in the last quarter of the year. More importantly, buy the leads that are coming in during Thanksgiving and Christmas break. Insurance lead companies, including ours, do not block leads from coming thru during this time. Many go unsold and this can be to your advantage. If you are buying shared leads this is the perfect time to buy because the competition could be rejecting leads.

Try our leads during the Holidays for a huge discount. We are offering a 40% bonus on all deposits to an agents account (unlimited times), until January 1, 2013. Merry Christmas a
nd Happy New Year from

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