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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Will Insurance Leads Be Going Up In Price?

This is a question that I have been getting of late. Will insurance leads, as a whole, start to go up in price. In my opinion, this depends on several factors. First factor is what types of insurance leads you are buying. Second is are you buying exclusive, shared, or aged leads.

I will start to answer this question by telling you that direct mail prices will almost certainly be going up and already are. The US Mail is in financial trouble and they are doing everything they can to stay afloat including raising prices on stamps and shipping. If your primary way of marketing is thru the mail then you might be spending more for the same results.

That being said internet leads have started to come down from their highs a few years ago. With the merger of some of the top lead aggregators in the business, lead quality started to suffer causing agents to start jumping ship. These companies have now started lowering their prices  to get the agents back. Shared leads are especially seeing lower prices. Exclusive internet leads are harder to come by therefor prices have remained stagnant for this sector.

I do not forsee prices going down anymore than they already are, but I do not see them going up anytime soon either. There are some new players to the industry who are charging a little more for their exclusive life and auto leads, but this is not the norm. Home insurance leads seem to be the big craze right now with X dates becoming a big part of some lead companies portfolio.

Leads always tend to be on sale during the holidays due to a lack of agent traffic. Agents should take this opportunity to buy leads at sale prices. Not all companies do this, but some offer discounted rates or bigger sign up bonuses from November to January.

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