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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Why Aged Insurance Leads Are Better Than Real Time Leads

There are many agents who swear by aged insurance leads and and others who claim real time leads are the way to go. This debate could go on and on so we will pick a side and make a good effort to demonstrate why aged insurance leads are better than real time leads.
When comparing and contrasting these two types of leads we must assume that the quality of both leads are the same. This means that both leads are actual people requesting a quote for insurance. No disconnected phone numbers, no spam email leads, and no survey leads.
Real time leads have the benefit of people looking for quotes at that moment. However, this can be worthless if the lead is being called by 5 or more agents all at once. Some might say exclusive real time leads are the way to go. These leads are also not ideal because the price for an exclusive insurance lead is far higher than a shared lead.   
This is were aged insurance leads can be beneficial. The sweet spot for calling insurance leads is 30-60 days after the initial leads was created. This allows time for all of the calls from agents buying the real time lead to die down. You will find that the prices for aged insurance leads are also down. An exclusive aged insurance lead can cost $5-6 less than a real time shared lead and $15-$20 less than a real time exclusive lead.
There is a market for both types of leads but if you havent given aged leads a try it might be something to consider. Especially if you are short on marketing funds or simply need to add extra prospects into your current pipeline.

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