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Sunday, November 17, 2013

What Search Engine Produces the Best Insurance Leads?

Many agents who purchase insurance leads do not know exactly where the leads come from. Depending on the insurance lead generator or aggregator you use the leads could come from several different sources. Email, SEO, search engine ads, 2nd tier ads, and auto dialers are all examples of where many insurance leads are generated. We all know organic leads are the best, but these are few and far between. Many of the top insurance companies (StateFarm, Allstate, Progressive) take up the top 10 spots on Google's natural search engine rank and not many people get past the first page when doing a search or something. So how do smaller companies compete? Search engine ads allow lead generators to compete for leads with the big boys, but what search engine ad program performs the best when it comes to insurance leads?

Google is the top dog when it comes to search engine ads. Their program is called Adwords and this is what many of the top lead aggregators use. Adwords allows advertisers to narrow down their search traffic by keywords and geographics. There are also several ways in which to advertise with Google. Display ads, text ads, video ads, and now mobile ads. Text ads have seem to be the way in which lead generators get best response. These ads pop up on the right side and very top of the page after you have searched for keywords on Google. The visitor clicks on the ad which usually goes to a landing page where the lead generator attempts to collect data to create the lead.

The same process is used on Bing, Microsoft's search engine. Bing Ads, allow the advertiser to accomplish the same goals as Google Adwords. However, Bing is not used by as many people so lead generators primarily advertising on Bing might not produce a high volume of leads. This is ok considering the quality is basically the same as those leads generated on Google.

What many insurance agents do not realize is that companies advertising on Bing are also advertising on Yahoo,, MSN, and a few other search engines. They are all owned by Bing. Once again, this should not affect the quality of the lead considering these are all legitimate websites.

The least know search engines out there also have advertising programs and many of the lead aggregators use these as well. However, they typically do not tell their agents if they use these search engines because they want to make the agent think they only use the top search engines. These 2nd tier search engines are just as good as Google or Bing. The difference is that most 2nd tier search engines use a network of websites to get the ads seen.

The answer to the original question "What Search Engine Produces the Best Insurance Leads?" is each search engine produces quality leads. When people are activelly searching for insurance and they click on an ad to get a quote they are most likely really wanting insurance information.

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