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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Step by Step Instructions on How to Profit from Insurance Leads

These steps refer to how to profit from real-time online insurance leads. These are the guidelines that have worked for many of our agents.
1. Find a good insurance lead company. (must be: transparent, good price, not oversold, return policy) Do test runs if need be.
2. Purchase leads. To get going we suggest buying leads for three months and setting your max leads per day at 2. This will assure you in getting enough leads to be able to use them in other areas of marketing. If this works for you, you can always increase the volume.
3. Call each lead as soon as it comes in. This can be tedious, but it must be done. Hire an assistant to help make calls if you cannot be in the office or route your emails to your smart phone so you can get the lead in real-time. Some people will not be interested right away, but others will.
4. Archive all leads that you receive. Whether on your lead management system or in a physical file, be sure to keep track of all your leads. You will need to access this data for later steps.
5. Set up an email campaign for all leads. Even if you did business with a prospect, keep their name on your email directory. Some lead management systems come with an email service, but you can always use a company like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. Send out an email blast once or twice a month with a product offer or newsletter.
6. Set up a direct mail campaign (optional). This is not required since it can get expensive, but if you already send out direct mail you should add your online insurance leads to your list.
7. Call each prospect once a month. Wait until the lead is 30-60 days old to begin reaching out.

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