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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How To Talk To Your Online Insurance Prospects

Online insurance leads can be really great or they can be really bad. That is the give and take with this marketing system. However, some agents could be making more sales if they simply knew how to talk to the propspect on the phone.
When you call a prospect that you received as a real-time online insurance lead there are certain ways to converse that will help you make a sale. No one person is the same so you must be flexible during the conersation. However, these tips will prepare you for speaking with people looking for insurance information online.
First, when you receive the real-time lead call the person right away. Sometimes they are wanting a quick quote and the first agent to reach them might make a sale. If they are not ready, that is ok. Just put them into your insurance lead archive to contact in the future.    
Start the conversatoin off with a direct statement like, "I saw you were looking for insurance on the web and I am the agent to help you." It is all about weeding out the leads not really interested. They should tell you right away if they are truelly interested. Watch for key phrases such as "I was just looking" or "I just filled out a few forms online". If they say this, politely end the phone call. If they are wanting a quote or are interested in buying insurance, they will say things like "I was looking for insurance for..." or "What is the price of...". 
Guide the person in the direction you want. DO NOT give them a quote and then hang up. Find out why they are looking for insurance. Lots of times they will give away their selling point right there. They might say "Our premiums just went up and we are looking for better rates." This is your cue that the contacts are driven by the lowest premium. Taylor your sales pitch accordingly and you could see an increase in sales.

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