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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to Make Online Insurance Leads "Interested"

If you are buying or have bought online insurance leads, you will know that occasionally you will get people who answer the phone saying they are not interested. This phrase, "I am not interested", can be the excuse that causes you to lose out on hundreds of dollars worth of sales. There are ways to turn those people into future clients with a few easy maneuvers.

A hand full of insurance lead companies will allow you to return a lead if the prospect was truly never interested in an insurance quote or information. I have always found this is hard to prove. It has been my experience that a majority of the time this refund reason is turned down.

What you DO NOT want to do is accept this excuse from prospects just to get additional lead credit from the lead gen company. This can be a bad habit and I will be the first to admit that it has happened to me in the past. I found myself returning around 80 percent of the leads I bought because people were telling me they were never interested

You should know that most of the time this is a bogus excuse by the prospect. Sure, there are times were they are telling the truth, but more times than not they are just telling you this so you will stop calling. Make a point to respond to them in a positive way when they say they are not interested.

What you should do

When a person says they are not interested in a quote, do not argue with them about it. Some agents might tell you to ask them if they filled out a quote online forcing the client to admit to it. This will only cause the prospect to feel backed into a corner and you cannot make a sale that way. Instead, just say something like "Oh, I am sorry about that. That is my mistake. I will not take up anymore of you time." You might be asking yourself "How does this help me make the sale?"

This shows the client that you are not pushy. In a few days follow up with them in an email (if you have their email address). Let them know that you were sorry for calling them unwarranted, but that if they happen to need insurance information you would be happy to help.

If the prospect was lying and they actually were looking for insurance quotes they might reply with questions. Even if they do not reply to the email continue to follow up a month later with a direct mail piece. A typed letter is perfect for this instance. Make it personal so that it does not look like a mass mailing.

After you send out the direct mail letter wait a few days and then call them one more time. At this point, you will know if they are interested or not.

To get past the "I am not interested" people you must be persistent but no pushy and you must be consistent with your follow up of each lead that gives you this excuse. Do not arm wrestle them on the phone about whether they did or didn't fill out the form. This will do not god. I hope you can take this approach and apply it to your own business.

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