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Monday, November 25, 2013

How Insurance Agents Can Generate Their Own Organic Leads

As a local insurance agent you have one big marketing advantage over the rest of the insurance lead companies and corporate insurance companies. This key advantage is being able to sign your business up for Google Places.

Google Places is a free service offered by, you guessed it, Google to help small business get noticed online. Think of it like a yellow pages for Google Search. This works for getting visitors to your quote page, no matter what type of insurance you are selling!

Sometimes if your business has the right key words associated with it, such as insurance or coverage you could rank on the first page of google when someone types in that search along with your city or town's name. For instance, if I were to search Google for in "insurance in Chicago" and your insurance agency's name is "Insurance of Chicago" you could pop up as one of the first few listings.

Most insurance agents know if you can rank high on Google you can see some traffic to your site. The more traffic you get the more leads you generate yourself. Remember, "Places" is free to sign up for. It is different than Google Adwords which are the ads on the right and very top of the Google Search screen. You must pay to be listed on Google Adwords.

To sign up for Google Places simply go to On this page you will sign your business up to be listed on Google Places and Google Maps. Maps will help your business get noticed when someone is looking for you on the map. It is important when registering to enter a business name that will be keyword friendly. Once you have completed the online sign up you will be mailed a PIN in the mail. This is a unique PIN to your business and allows you to complete the registration process. Once you have the PIN, go to the screen it directs you to and enter it.

It sometimes takes a few weeks, possibly months, for you to start appearing in Google searches. It is still important to keep fresh, up-to-date, information on your site as Google crawls these regularly. Google Places will help you get noticed locally and for most agents that is all they need to start generating organic insurance leads.

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