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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Exclusive Auto, Home and Life Insurance Leads for Shared Prices

It has been debated by many agents and even by us on our blogs. What type of lead is better, Exclusive or Shared? I will not get into that now, but what I will tell you my have you second guessing what type of lead you buy.
We help generate leads as well as purchase media for data collecting. We are a fairly new company and did not know what the cost of generating a lead would be. We did our own testing and found that prices could and should be a lot lower for both exclusive and shared insurance leads.
When we researched other companies before launching, we found that they were charging anywhere from $5-$7 dollars for a shared auto insurance lead and $15-$25 for an exclusive lead. We took this price at their word. When we started generating leads we realized it should not be this expensive.
In fact, leads could be sold for half the price they are typically being sold at and still make a good profit. At that point our business model changed. LeadsToInsure is currently redoing their platform to meet these price standards. Insurance agents will no be able to buy exclusive insurance leads at shared prices. Now, go rethink your marketing plan.

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