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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Endless Free Insurance Leads

The Endless Free Insurance lead system on is a new payment method that helps insurance agents get more bang for their buck. Many lead companies offer agents deep discounts or free leads for signing up, but that is typically just a one time offer and then the agents are on the hook to buy a certain number of additional leads. provides agents with two options to pay for leads. They can pay as they go or use the Endless Free Lead System and receive a bonus each time they add money to their account. This allows the agent to continue getting free leads as long as they continue using the service.

Bonuses paid are based on the dollar amount the agent puts into the account. For instance, if an agent started an account with $100 and the bonus was 10%, the bonus dollar amount would be $10 making the total account balance of +$110. 

Let's say the agent started buying leads and that balance dropped to +$50. If the agent decided to put another $100 into the account they would receive another $10 bonus. Any and every time an agent adds money to an already positive account, the bonus is applied. However, if the agent has a negative balance on the account the bonus does not apply until it begins reaching positive.

Over the long run this can save agents hundreds of dollars. It is basically like getting free marketing dollars and we all know marketing funds can be hard to come by sometimes. If you are tired of getting sucked in by the big free up-front lead gimmick then try

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