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Friday, November 22, 2013

Best Life Insurance Online Ads for Agents

As some of you know, we work with several companies on generating life insurance leads. We have had really good campaign and some bad ones as well. We have also seen other companies internet advertisements and know which ones are probably working and which ones are a money trap.

The key with ads is to get more than just clicks on of them. The verbage in the ad must correlate with corresponding landing page. For instance you do not want to have a text ad that says get $20 life insurance and the landing page say $25 insurance. The prospect will think you are trying to bait and switch them or you are not updating your site. This definitely does not make you look professional.

So what kinds of ads work best for getting people interested in life insurance. First, you need to come up with a niche to market too. Example - We have an agent who sells life insurance to people with diabetes. He is an independent agent and knows the carriers that work best. For his case, an ad that says Diabetic Life Insurance or Life Insurance for People with Diabetes would be ideal.

You must also have a hook in you ads. Using the example of the agent who markets to diabetics. His headline might say Diabetic Life Insurance, but his sub-text might read, "We specialize in finding affordable life insurance for people with diabetes." This gets the prospect interested, especially if they are truly looking for life insurance.

It might not be wise to advertise on sites that display your ads on surveys or other incentivized sites. This usually leads to poor quality. Display and text ads on search engines are acceptable. Even 2nd tier search engines are ok considering the visitors are searching for life insurance.

Here is a Google Text Ad used by the agent we mentioned earlier:

Diabetic Life Insurance
We specialize in finding 
affordable insurance for diabetics!

Like most marketing methods you will need to plan on budgeting some dollars for testing different ads since you might not get it right on the first couple of attempts. This can work for other types insurance as well. 

Remember, make you ad geared toward your target market or niche, provide the web visitor with a hook, and make sure your landing page matches your ad. If you do this you will see better ROI.

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