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Monday, August 5, 2013

Aged Life Insurance Leads

Aged Life Insurance Leads can be a really good way to follow up with people who had initially requested a life insurance quote, but for whatever reason did not follow thru. Many times these people were wanting a quote but were overwhelmed with all of the information being thrown at them via email, phone, and regular mail at the beginning. These are considered warm leads and there are different ages of life insurance leads. We have found the sweet spot is 30 - 45 days old. The client will most likely be well informed and ready to buy.

The aged life insurance leads are best used with phone calls, but email marketing and direct marketing can also be profitable if done correctly. If you use direct mail you should use a call to action piece. This means a mailer that is asking the person to buy life insurance. The same goes if you decide to use email marketing. Don't beat around the bush. Like I said phone calls are the most direct way to make a sale. This is less expensive and you will be able to tell quickly if the person is interested or not. You can narrow down your email and direct mailing list this way. Once you know who is actually interested you can keep them on your drip marketing campaign.

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