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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Who Has the Best Online Auto Insurance Leads?

When you begin to look for auto insurance leads you must determine what type of lead you are looking for. Do you want a real-time internet lead, a telemarketing lead, or another type of lead. There are pros and cons about all the different types, but I will not get into that at this time. Once you have determined the type of lead you want to purchase you should research the companies that offer that service. For this post I will discuss the different online auto insurance lead companies and which one is the best.

I have used several lead companies and feel I have a pretty good idea as to which ones are better than others. There are a couple of key factors that I look at when trying a lead company. The first is quality and the second is refundability (is that a word?). If the company does not have these two elements I move on to the next company. So, which companies are the best? Well, I am not going to rate them, but I will point out the good and bad.

The best when it comes to refunds is I have bought and continue to buy their auto insurance leads. They offer many other types of insurance leads, but I have not tried them. The quality of lead was decent. They provide real-time transfer leads. They email them directly to you and you can ask for refunds on their website. The agent interface is probably the best I have seen and they are very generous on their return policy. The only problem I had was the lack of filters.

The best when it comes to filters is &, which we all know by now is the same company. They have the more filters than any other lead company. However, be prepared to pay for some of those filters. Their quality is ok. It has gone down over the years, but you get what you pay for. Refunds are also ok, about 50/50 refund acceptance.

The best in volume would have to be NetQuote. They can provide  crazy amount of leads. To be honest I do not know how they are able to generate that many leads. I have dabbled in the self lead generation and know it is tough to compete. The quality is usually fair to poor but the prices are right so it usually evens out.

These are just three of the top companies for online insurance leads. If I left any out that you want to add or have comments about the ones that I listed just add your feedback. I would be happy to hear what people have to say about it.